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Network analytics and service assurance are the key goals of the cloud service, Ruckus Analytics from CommScope. It is powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Because of these two, Ruckus Analytics enables clients to utilize their network to their advantage.

Ruckus Analytics paves the way towards customer success

Ever since Ruckus Analytics was released in March 2020 (with a public announcement in April), the service has been instantly, measurably, and dramatically influencing the support functions of their clients. The following is a particular scenario in which Ruckus capably solved the root cause and prevented network issues from growing worse. 


WiFirst is a company that takes the lead in Wi-Fi and fiber connectivity. Their solutions are trusted by thousands of clients all over Europe to deliver high-quality, potent networks. Emeric de Bernis, an engineering manager at WiFirst, believes that WiFirst’s success as a service provider relies on meeting client SLAs and effectively managing those SLAs. “That means quickly addressing issues that arise in a network,” he states. “Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. We were facing just such a scenario and, during weeks of troubleshooting remotely and on-site, we struggled to find the root cause. Turning on Ruckus Analytics leads us very quickly to a potential problem on another element in network infrastructure causing roaming issues. This new tool makes our support operations dramatically more efficient.”


The strength of Ruckus Analytics is dependent on the ability of the system to automatically detect network issues without any human involvement. No regulations, no thresholds, no requirements need to be defined by IT. Incidents are automatically generated and classified into the proper severity level. Ruckus Analytics renders about 80,000 insights per day. The core problem and recommendations are generated automatically for the IT unit to deal with the situation. This is called “practical AI.” It is not expedient for IT personnel to examine enormous quantities of data and different alerts, false positives, noisy alerts, and events from real complicated issues that have an operational consequence.

Ruckus Analytics enables network service validation, virtual network assistant, and ITSM integration

More clients are now using the service validation function to test their network readiness from the inside out. Service validation uses synthetic test traffic from Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 (wave 2) access points to test WLAN, LAN, and WAN connectivity. Their multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and school clients have used this feature and have achieved satisfactory results. It is advantageous to understand that the network in a classroom is ready for an upcoming reopening or test. Ruckus also takes pride in their virtual network assistant, Melissa. With this, they are able to serve more clients and help answer inquiries about the health of the network, the most popular applications, or the busiest SSID on the network now or in the past week. Natural language processing (NLP) technology enables Melissa to report real-time answers. The interesting part of this is that Melissa learns and grows in her level of intelligence with every question asked and answered.


Ruckus Analytics is a go-to helpdesk solution for IT because it integrates with ServiceNow (and Salesforce, Slack, Zapier.io, etc.), and automatically manufactures and updates service tickets using Webhooks integration. Clients approve of this approach because there is no hardware to install and no maintenance overhead has to be done too.

Ruckus Analytics is revolutionizing IT operations

Clients around the globe are taking Ruckus Analytics and are experiencing the benefits of practical artificial intelligence, and automation. They are also seeing the advantages of shifting IT practices from reactive to proactive.

Experience this future-ready solution firsthand and watch not only your IT but your entire company grow.

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