The Power of Technology

You can find Information and Communications Technology (ICT) making waves across various businesses and industries. We cannot overlook its significance in our everyday lives since it ushers in better ways for people to communicate, connect, gain access to information, manage their businesses, and more.


Through this, we believe that people will gain a clearer understanding of the multi-faceted power of ICT. In this endeavor, we can contribute to the Filipino nation as we identify and promote the specific ways technology positively impacts people in different dimensions of their work, learning, and home lives.


For each tech pillar that we have highlighted, we have included innovative solutions that it has produced as well as a featured story.

Overall, this project strives to inspire you and help you appreciate all the wonders and practical benefits that ICT brings.

Power to Learn

Featured Story

ICT enables interactive and collaborative teaching and learning methods. We can find this in Aralin Online’s operations.


Aralin Online is an educational technology company that offers tutorial services and academic mentorship to elementary and high school students. While education is their main thrust, their primary function is to serve as a tech platform that facilitates relationship building between willing learners and highly capable tutors.


By making the most out of today’s tech solutions, the company can create more engaging classroom activities and increase the motivation of their students as well.


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Technology gives us the power to learn

Technology provides countless avenues for learning and increasing a person’s knowledge and skills. Free courses from the top universities worldwide abound, and you can get access to all kinds of information with just a few clicks or taps on your device.

Innovative use of ICT in Teaching and Learning
  • Access points can provide secure connectivity that ensures successful teaching and learning
  • Digital classrooms create even smarter educational environments

Innovate Learning Outcomes with MEC

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Power to Protect

Featured Story

ICT not only provides better ways to keep people safe online and offline. The remarkable growth of ICT has allowed better solutions for protecting our natural resources as well, especially through advanced machine learning. This is displayed in Huawei’s successful monitoring system which helps prevent illegal logging and animal poaching across Palawan.


Powered by solar panels, the Rainforest Guardian system comprises old cell phones that monitor and record sounds of human activity, like chainsaws and vehicles, and capture data on animal behavior patterns. Identified by AI, forest sounds and data are uploaded to the cloud and then sent to forest rangers via a mobile app.


We can be hopeful that there will be more projects that are geared towards protecting and preserving our country’s endangered species and valuable flora and fauna in the future.


Get to know more about Huawei’s technology-driven protection project!

Technology gives us the power to protect

Technology offers an abundant range of security solutions that address the growing attacks and threats in today’s digital and physical world. It is also now much easier to raise awareness about the best practices that will help protect companies and people all over the globe.

Innovative Use of ICT in the Security Industry
  • End-to-end security solutions can reliably protect your most valuable assets such as your data and information

Innovate Security with MEC

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Power to Create

Featured Story

Online, artists from any field have access to platforms on which they can express their work and showcase their talents. Business opportunities abound as they find a plethora of ways through ICT in order to connect with a wider customer base.


Nowadays, what can start out as a simple hobby at first can turn into a whole new enterprise, and Strands and Fringes can testify to this wonderful experience.


Strands and Fringes, an online business founded by Glenda Tuanquin, has been knotting macramé bags and products since 2018. They have over a hundred designs that feature local materials, and they also now have clients working in the country’s entertainment industry. By maximizing various social media platforms, Strands and Fringes was able to easily connect and collaborate with customers and partner with other crafters as well.


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Technology gives us the power to create

Technology contains limitless opportunities for creativity to flow. A person can showcase his or her masterpiece and inspire others to do the same.

Innovative use of ICT for Arts and Crafts Industry
  • Cloud-managed systems allow businesses of all sizes to deploy and remotely oversee Wi-Fi networks across multiple sites

Innovate Business Outcomes with MEC

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Power to Heal

Featured Story

Online consultations have become a lifesaver for many who were not able to go out due to quarantine or the restrictions that were put in place during the pandemic. ICT helped accelerate better ways of caring for patients even from a distance. Barangay San Antonio in Pasig City is one such example of a community that was able to rapidly launch their telemedicine services by leveraging the technology that was available to them.


Through their online platform, BSA Online Doctor Consultation is the first of its kind to give free telemedicine services among barangays in Pasig.


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Technology gives us the power to heal

The latest advancements in technology have opened more ways for health professionals to enhance the quality of care they give to their patients. Along the way, these have also reduced the operating and administrative costs acquired by hospitals, clinics, etc. Nowadays, we see that it is possible for health experts and practitioners to deliver the right treatment and care for the patient who is located anywhere around the world with the right communication platforms.

Innovative Use of ICT for the Medical Industry
  • Thermal screening solutions help prevent and curb the spread of viruses and diseases
  • Communication solutions integrate and centralize different platforms to connect and collaborate with people

Innovate Healthcare Services with MEC

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Power to Discover

Featured Story

ICT opens doors for people, no matter which industry they belong in, to discover new things every single day.


When it comes to discovering new meanings, painter and inter-disciplinary artist Bjorn Calleja masterfully allows people to do this endeavor through the masterpieces he creates. In his own words, states that his work, “encourages looking, and then looking slowly and deeply, allowing enough breathing space for meaning to materialize.” He translates his exhibition online for viewers to discover his diverse artworks from the comfort of their homes. And his current career as an NFT artist has massively grown on a global scale.


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Technology gives us the power to discover

Technology gives people the way towards freely discovering new ideas, concepts, solutions, and more. Its contribution to learning and research studies cannot be belittled.

Innovative Use of ICT for Discovery
  • Reliable fiber optics and data center solutions ensure that we are all connected to the information we need all the time
  • High-performance wireless solutions pave the way for high-speed data transfer over far-ranging distances

Innovate Network Experiences with MEC

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Power to Love

Featured Story

Dr. Gia Sison uses her online platforms to inspire others with her story and make medical knowledge more accessible to a wider audience. Her love for helping others enabled her to launch Padayon PH. Through this, people can navigate through their needs from webinars, consultations, life coaching to workshops.


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Technology gives us the power to love

While society’s problems cannot seem to be entirely eradicated, technology allows innumerable platforms for people to spread compassion. Organizations can now easily unite people to join in causes that benefit the underprivileged and marginalized groups.

Innovative Use of ICT for Social Welfare
  • Diverse communication platforms, devices, and applications unify people more than ever

Innovate Social Welfare Projects with MEC

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Power to Smile

Featured Story

At this point in time, ICT has allowed us to find the most convenient ways to purchase and enjoy our favorite meals, drinks, desserts, and more. Consumers are not the only ones who are benefiting from these innovative solutions. Restaurant owners are also able to improve their processes and make them more efficient. Being on top of the trends and finding dining experiences worth sharing are also possible, and these can be found in the success of The Craving Cassie food blog.


The Craving Cassie’s creator, Cassie Hernando, skillfully uses her social media accounts to share enjoyable and entertaining content to her audience such as her recommendations, experiences, and videos. Along the way, she also effectively promotes small and medium enterprises that belong in the food industry in the country.


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Technology gives us the power to smile

Technology provides the gateway to a myriad of choices when it comes to things that make us happy. Within seconds we can find the best places for travel, food, fun, and more. Today’s tech advancements make it possible for customers to get satisfying experiences while simultaneously benefiting business owners from various industries.  

Innovative use of ICT in the Customer Service Industry
  • People counting technologies provide seamless customer experiences
  • Touchless payment solutions enable hassle-free checkout scenarios

Innovate Customer Experiences with MEC

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Power to Connect

Featured Story

When it comes to the MSME world, ICT produces ways for job creation and revenue generation that will collectively benefit the entire country. Workers also have better access to the knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in their careers, and you can find this in the services provided by Project Match.


Conceptualized and developed by StartUp Village, Project Match is a marketplace and resource platform that helps in digitization of MSMEs by linking them to startups who provide the much-needed digital solutions and technology. This is complemented by access to learning resources where both MSMEs and startups can gain knowledge and guidance through learning materials/ resources and mentorship that is needed to drive the matching process. To further augment this, access to finance is included as well to provide means for MSMEs to finance their growth.


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Technology gives us the power to connect

Technology allows people to work and communicate with each other anytime, anywhere. Meeting new people or re-connecting with old friends are all possible through the numerous social platforms online. Beyond the personal sphere, technology also plays a significant role in connecting employers with potential workers.

Innovative use of ICT for Connectivity
  • Wireless systems pave the way for fast dissemination of information and resources

Innovate Connectivity and Work with MEC

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