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Electricity Made Smarter, Safer.

A joint venture by Huanyu Group and Eaton in 2021, Eaton-Huyu is backed by Eaton’s and Huanyu Group’s decades of experience and expertise in the electrical solutions field. This partnership ignited the commitment to advancing people’s quality of life by providing customers with reliable, smarter, and safer electrical components and system solutions that aid in solving power management issues.

Why Choose Eaton-Huyu?

Eaton-Huyu values innovation as one of its main corporate pillars. The company uses 5% of the annual sales revenue for the center’s scientific research and development and has developed 28 series of new products with low-voltage electrical appliances, instruments, complete sets of equipment, etc.


Through dedicated R&D and manufacturing efforts, Eaton-Huyu’s Solution Designs can meet today’s and tomorrow’s electrical demands.

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