Eaton-Huyu ACB

Air Circuit Breakers

Modern systems for low-voltage energy distribution, particularly those for regenerative applications, are more compact. However, they make higher demands on the integrated components. Eaton-Huyu’s Air Circuit Breakers meet these increased demands through new materials and by following a modified construction. Two compact sizes facilitate smaller switch panels. The modular design and common range of accessories allow simple integration. 




Breaking Capacity: 66 kA at 400 V


Rated Current: from 630 A to 4000 A


Rated Operating Voltage: up to AC 500 V

Main Applications

system protection - Eaton-Huyu Air Circuit Breakers min

Electrical System protection

motor protection Eaton-Huyu Air Circuit Breakers min

Electrical Motor protection


Transformer protection

Generator protection - Eaton-Huyu Air Circuit Breakers min

Generator protection

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