Eaton-Huyu MCB

Miniature Circuit Breakers

When it comes to protecting and switching, the high-quality, safe, and reliable products of Eaton-Huyu guarantee the protection of people, installations, and systems worldwide. Eaton-Huyu MCBs are versatile, safe miniature circuit breakers that feature a guide for secure terminal connection and are compatible with a standard busbar which can be positioned either above or below. 

EXB3LE-63H min

MCB Type: EXB3


Tripping Characteristic: C


Rated Voltage: Un 230/400 VAC

Main Applications

residential - Eaton-Huyu Miniature Circuit Breakers min


commercial - Eaton-Huyu Miniature Circuit Breakers min


industrial - Eaton-Huyu Miniature Circuit Breakers min


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Eaton-Huyu can empower households and organizations by meeting the growing demand for better power management technologies and services. Talk to us to learn more about how our reliable, stable, and safe electrical solutions will support your digital transformation needs today!

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