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Hikvision People Counting Solutions

Capture the Numbers – and the Business

Calculating the numbers of shoppers who enter your store or mall throughout the day can help you to improve your operations in a number of ways. Counting people in-store helps retailers optimize their strategies and maximize conversion and revenues.

Hikvision’s People Counting Cameras, equipped with dual-lenses and embedded deep learning algorithms, are extremely accurate – more than sufficient to overcome previous challenges.

Key Features

  • Extremely highly accuracy

    Hikvision dual-lens people counting cameras offer extremely high accuracy, with a configuration that provides 3D imaging to distinguish human beings from inanimate objects and shadows.

  • Deep learning algorithms

    People counting cameras also incorporate deep learning algorithms that can be continuously trained and improved with new datasets to count persons more preciously.

Solutions Overview

DeepInView Varifocal Dome Camera

Clear imaging against strong backlight due to 140 dB WDR technology

Dual-Lens People Counting Network Camera

With motion detection, video tampering alarm, and people counting technology, such as height filtering and etc.

Hikvision dual-lens people counting technology is a self-developed technology that is mainly based on binocular stereo vision and aims at providing the people counting solution to the commercial industries

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