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Get the efficiency you need in enhancing your business operations with Pudu Robotics.  


Eliminate repetitive or time-consuming tasks with these service robots and give your workers the freedom to focus on engaging with the guests and other significant tasks. 


Create enjoyable and futuristic experiences for your customers with service robots that will interact with them and add to the appeal of your enterprise. 

The Future of Customer Experience

Experience Smart Delivery - Bellabot

Experience Smart Delivery

Experience a unique delivery experience unlike any other. Pudu Robotics designed Bellabot with superior human-robot interaction capabilities that will not only spark interest in children but will attract customers of any age with its flawless delivery functions. 

Experience Smart Reception and Ushering

Provide memorable experiences for your guests with Kettybot’s reception and delivery functions. Built with autonomous path planning, Pudu Robotics has developed this solution to deliver items and lead customers to their tables in the best possible path. Aside from providing improved customer experience, it reduces waiter workload as well. 

Experience Smart Reception and Ushering - Kettybot
Experience Elevated Customer Service - Holabot
Experience Superior Customer Service

Provide intelligent delivery that will boost the turnaround efficiency of any enterprise with Holabot and give your customers more satisfying experiences that they will keep coming back to. Pudu Robotics has equipped this service robot with error-free delivery and collection features will lessen the burden on your staff and allow them more time to interact with the guests. 

Experience Smart Disinfection and Sanitation

Equipped with UV and air disinfection functions, you can ensure the safety of everyone who enters your business or your workplace with Puductor2! Pudu Robotics has developed this with the purpose of minimizing the risk of cross-infection and improves sanitary conditions for indoor environments. 

Experience Smart Disinfection and Sanitation - Puductor 2

Success Stories 

You will find these solutions from Pudu Robotics penetrating various industries and support their operations. The novelty of these robots delighted customers far and near, but beyond this, they were also able to exceed expectations with the speed and precision they exhibited as they carried out their tasks. They have been deployed in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, tourist attractions, and more. 


Sunway Medical Centre is a leading private tertiary medical centre located in Selangor, Malaysia. They struggled as they experienced staff shortages, especially in the pediatric ward. As they looked for the best solution, they desired to focus on giving better care while making sure that they could minimize close contact too.


They tried out the premium smart catering robot, BellaBot. It is the first of its kind in Malaysia to support their operations. Bellabot is equipped with smart expressions and voice for a better and a much more comprehensive customer interaction. When it comes to food delivery, it had a maximum capacity of 40kg or 10kg per tray.


The hospital reaped the benefits of its superior human-robot interaction capabilities and delivery functions. The highly advanced robot delivered meals three times a day to the children. According to the management, complying with social distancing SOPs now feels less isolating since BellaBot has entered the picture. It has become a dedicated companion to the child patients and has brightened up their moods while offering their parents a moment of respite.


The La Duni Restaurant, one of the top restaurants in Dallas, Texas, has been in the business for over 20 years. Located in one of the fastest-growing states in the US, many of their roles were going unfilled. The company was scrambling to look for workers as both staff members and customers were getting frustrated.  


After contemplating how they can move forward, they purchased KettyBot, a smart delivery and reception robot which greatly supported their workforce. The robot was able to lead customers to their intended areas, providing improved customer experience, and it also reduced manpower workload. The unique ad display which adapts to the customer’s angle of view was used to showcase promotional materials and other important announcements. 


KettyBot was able to support them as hiring was almost impossible, and it supplemented the jobs no one wanted. The robot could greet customers, give them valuable information, and guide them to where they need to go as well as deliver food flawlessly. According to the restaurant owner, KettyBot opened more opportunities for the existing staff while creating enjoyable experiences for the customers.  


Pandini’s Bar and Grill from Ireland was established in 2005 and was ran by chefs with 17 years of experience. They had to adapt to the new reality while facing staff shortages and the need for minimal contact operations.


After exploring multiple options, they found HolaBot. This intelligent delivery robot with a pager function allowed users to control and assign tasks to the robot at any time. Its touchless controls also ensured more efficient and sanitary management.


With this solution, the restaurant was able to more efficiently collect and return dishes from the tables to the kitchen because of the robot’s capacity which can even reach up to 60 kg. The staff was then able to focus more on the needs of the customers and accomplish other tasks. According to the owner, he felt that their sector was hit the hardest, but with HolaBot, he was confident that they could get back on their feet while simultaneously giving better service to their customers.   


CMART, a supermarket in Malaysia, which was established in 2005, belongs to a chain of successful supermarkets and other concept stores. They needed to find a way to ensure the safety of their customers every time they shop.


After searching for various solutions, they decided to take Puductor 2 on board. With this smart disinfection robot, they found that its ultrasonic dry mist disinfection ensured full contact with microorganisms with nearly 100% coverage. It also delivered thorough disinfection of difficult-to-reach places. As a result, cross-infection was minimized inside the store, and it also improved the entire sanitary conditions of the site as it roams around day and night without disturbing the customers.


CMART can testify to the positive impact Puductor 2 has made on the way they operate in this new normal.  Customers were able to finally shop without worries. They were also assured that the place is sanitized much more frequently compared to the traditional ways.  

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