ICTip #14: Bosch Security Tips (Part 2)

ICTip #14: Bosch Security Tips (Part 2)

A week ago, we posted the first part of Bosch Security Tips. Check it out here.

ICTips Physical Security Bosch Security

ICTips Physical Security Bosch Security

Bosch video systems architecture ensures that the system can have a high resiliency whenever a system goes down the whole system can still continue its operation. This is because of the Server less architecture and direct to storage technology wherein the cameras can directly record to the storage.

Intelligent Digital Noise Reduction (iDNR)

With all of the features Bosch cameras also compresses the video intelligently whenever the video is on a static scene via Intelligent Digital Noise Reduction (iDNR) to save bandwidth and importantly storage. Watch this video below to learn more.

[intense_video video_type=”youtube” video_url=”https://youtu.be/tot6VcURNyM” theme=”light”]

Bosch Building Integration System

Lastly Bosch can also be integrated to other systems just like Bosch IP Surveillance, Bosch Access Control, Bosch FDAS, Bosch Public Address, Bosch Intrusion Detection by using Bosch Building Integration System so the operator can monitor all of the Security & Safety Systems as all in one monitoring solution.


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— Rian Panado, Technical Consultant for Physical Security


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