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Better Network Infrastructure For A Better Guest Experience

Ensuring and providing the best guest experience is the ultimate goal for resorts and hotels. And while we are in the midst of the Digital Age, having fast and reliable Wi-Fi access becomes a basic requirement for the satisfactory guest experience.

As hospitality statistics show, Wi-Fi is the number-one-rated guest room amenity. Eight out of ten guests take the time to publicly share their bad Wi-Fi experience more than their bed or a hot shower. Bad Wi-Fi can really hurt your business.

Cebu Grand Hotel felt this need and answered by partnering with one of the industry leaders in wired, wireless, and security networking solutions today, Aruba Networks. All to provide the best guest experience amidst the thriving hospitality industry in Cebu.

With the City Grand Hotel’s new Aruba switches, it is expected to provide fast and consistent network performance, reliable connectivity, and robust security, along with providing IT support for hoteliers and service providers the simplicity and automation they need.

Aruba Networks has a proven track record in commitment when it comes to empowering customers and partners alike to be the driving force the shapes the future of networking. Creating smart digital experiences, Aruba offers an integrated wired and wireless portfolio with industry-leading generation networking architecture designed to be mobile first and deliver a network that is open, secure, and autonomous. Offer your guests an amazing experience in every step of their journey!

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