ICTip #13: Renewals or Ongoing Costs and Licensing

ICTip #13: Renewals or Ongoing Costs and Licensing

ICTips Network Security

ICTips Network Security

When a business purchases a product such as an NGFW, a copy of the software and its license is provided. The software that comes with the purchase is actually remains to be under the ownership of the software company, and customers are limited by the terms and conditions of the license. All NGFW products are licensed per physical device. Usually smaller NGFW needs means simpler pricing, while larger enterprises means greater the disparity, but also the greater the bargaining power on the part of the customer. As the number of users increase, volume discounts often apply.

Here are some key points to ask yourself before purchasing an NGFW:

  • Do the ongoing costs and licensing account for a global environment?
  • What is the licensing structure?
    • Standard 18% or more complicated?
    • Will that go up or down over the life of the product?

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— Ronald Penagunda, Solutions Architect


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