ICTip #2: H.265+ Compression – Longer Recordings with Less Storage

Video compression technology is a crucial factor in a surveillance system. Two of the most popular are H.264 and H.265. Developed in the late nineties, H.264 is still one of the most widely used formats for recording. H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), is slowly dominating the IP video encoding technology with its capacity to double the compression ratio at the same level of video quality. But what’s next for H.265?

What are the benefits of H.265+?

Hikvision’s H.265+ dramatically improves encoding efficiency: reducing bandwidth requirements by up to 75% compared to H.264, and taking up half as much storage space for the same amount of video footage. Bitrates are reduced but transmission quality remains high. H.265+ is a major step forward in video compression and means significant storage cost savings for users.


See H.265+ Compression Technology in action below:


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