MEC: Empowering People Through Technology

MEC: Empowering People Through Technology

It’s been 25 years since MEC Networks made its beginnings providing premiere ICT products in the Philippine Market. MEC started as a humble small-scaled business with only a few products and employees, renting only a small office unit. Now we are proud to call ourselves as the premiere ICT distributor in the country. Today we’re running strong with over:

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Our 25th anniversary highlighted an evident growth period for us. As the company moves forward, so do our values and we’re not planning on hitting the brakes.


MEC undertook a foundational review of its processes, to secure continued growth and success for more decades to come. To mark this evolutionary step that would better position us into the future, we’ve developed a new mission and vision statement. While the core purpose of MEC hasn’t changed, refinement in these statements is needed to ensure that what we do, continues to reflect on what we are trying to achieve.

Our Revatilized Mission and Vision

A company’s mission and vision are central to the organization, it is the foundation of our purpose in a way that resonates throughout the whole customer base and community, so we ought to share this with you, our partners in innovation.

" Our Mission: To empower organizations and individuals to achieve the great things in life, through the best technology there is. "

Our Vision: We believe everyone deserves a better life, that is why we are here to provide not just the best technology, but to enable them to reach their greatest goals... today and tomorrow.

We are here not just to provide the best technology there is, but to empower organizations and individuals to achieve the best life through technology with our passion and expertise. This belief captures what we are trying to accomplish as an organization. 

Our Commitment

We take pride in everything that we do as an organization. Our new mission and vision are just some of the cornerstones that drive strong values to our employees, that represent the company and our services. These values put you at the center of everything we do.


Now, more than ever we believe that we are in a stronger position to empower people today and tomorrow. We are not here just to provide you with the best technology, but also to enable you to achieve your greatest goals. We are your partner in innovation. We are MEC.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to
Get Started?

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