Navigating Through a Global Pandemic: What businesses can learn from COVID-19

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As the world fights to fend off this virus outbreak, businesses are left with the questions, when is all going to an end and how are they going to get up from this once everything normalizes. While the answers for these questions remain blurry at the moment, there are a few things companies can learn from this challenging situation.

Strengthen Remote Work Setup

Before corona virus, companies see remote work set up as a mere contingency plan to get business operations going while on few-days emergency situation thereby paying little to no attention to its overall infrastructure and digging deeper on how this can be an alternative in doing business. Now that this health threat has grown out of proportion, companies have realized that a strong, well-planned remote work infrastructure is a necessity for them to minimize whatever operational blows the business might encounter in the future.

Continue and Restructure Lead Generation Strategies

Even though business operations are currently being hampered, businesses should not cease from looking out for prospective customers. Giving focus on leads generation as this time will ensure the company that it will have a healthy pool of customers once everything gets better. However, because some, if not most, of the existing business development activities will not be possible at this time, companies should immediately find ways to alter these strategies and make it workable with the current situation.

Tailor your offering with the situation

With almost the whole world staying at home to prevent corona virus spread, it has yielded difficulties for businesses to maintain their usual product operations and offering. With very limited business transactions, companies may rethink of strategies on how they can fit their products to what is currently happening in the market in general. From doing bundle promotions and discounts to on-time deliveries, they need to find creative ways on how they can tap the needs of their customers in a relevant manner.

Train Your Employees

With the sudden change in work operations and environment, employees may feel quite uneasy and uncertain on how to navigate through this setup but nothing a basic technical training can’t fix. While doing remote work, they may set up a web meeting to discuss basic troubleshooting or answer questions and challenges they have encountered while doing remote work.


More than the technical know-how, companies may also look into training their leaders into setting attainable and reasonable guidelines in setting goals for their team like determining the time when their people should be available.

Do Something for the Community

COVID-19 has left a lot of people not just struggling to make ends meet but to get even their most basic needs. This is the perfect time when the business may show their concern for the community by doing charitable practices. Choosing a local community would create a bigger impact on this initiative. Also, do not hesitate to share this to your public. Include important information such as your objective for this, the amount involved, and recipients without boasting. This will inspire other businesses to do the same producing a multiplier effect.


As to when everything will go back to normal is still beyond what the world’s capabilities can answer, one thing remains certain- the world doesn’t stop with this virus and that all of us, not just the businesses should continue to work with whatever situation is given in front of us.

Continuous Efforts to #HealAsOne

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