Bosch: Video Analytics and Warehouse Management Integration

Customized integration between video analytics and warehouse management software with Bosch

Warehouses are perplexing security situations. Several specialists move a huge number of things through walkways and passages, making it hard for Security Directors to distinguish stock burglary and track missing shipments. In an Industry 4.0 example of overcoming adversity, the group at the Bosch Car Post-retail circulation center in Itupeva, Brazil, utilized the Internet of Things (IoT) to make an answer: Their customized integration between video analytics and warehouse management software counteracts burglary, uplifts proficiency and improves shipment following.

The need to make sense of a complex situation

Situated around 70 kilometers from São Paulo, the car dissemination center in Itupeva is a focal center for the whole South Americas locale. The 26,000-square-meter office forms 68,000 shipments of key segments every year, so the sheer dimension of the development of things, beds, and warehouse workforce demonstrate testing to follow from a coordination and security viewpoint. A couple of years prior, the coordination group understood that stock misfortunes from the burglary were on the ascent. Then, client requests about lost things in shipments required protracted research, putting the center’s notoriety in danger. This required a difference in methodology. Researching the issue, it worked out that the security group was overpowered by the sheer measure of cautions. Each episode recorded by the video cameras required tedious manual examination: At whatever point a representative entered a limited path, staff in the security control room got an alarm to play out a cross-check in the warehouse management framework. This was to affirm whether a functioning errand had been relegated to that passageway. If not, security on the warehouse floor would be called to examine. Be that as it may, with a great many cautions and false alerts every day, this demonstrated humanly unimaginable.

Because every check in the warehouse system was conducted manually, it led to a situation where security operators could not verify the large number of security events.

Connecting ‘smart’ video cameras and warehouse management software

To tackle the difficulties, the Bosch specialists worked for more than one year to mechanize the tedious manual checks: The methodology consolidates the Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) innovation incorporated with Bosch cameras with a customized setup of the Bosch Video Management Framework (BVMS), and an interface to the center’s warehouse management framework.


From a specialized point of view, it’s a sharp blend of existing innovation with organized data: The majority of the circulation center’s 200 security cameras, including the superior quality Bosch Flexidome IP arrangement, are fitted with Canny Video Analytics (IVA). This inherent capacity forms picture data continuously and distinguishes suspicious exercises by methods for calculation. In the initial step, the group ‘instructed’ the cameras to perceive questions in the warehouse, for example, forklifts and shipment things. When the security framework had figured out how to recognize these items, it was prepared to interface with the center’s coordination framework. In the subsequent stage, the group made an immediate interface between the warehouse management framework and the Bosch Video Management Framework (BVMS). Making the association includes another dimension of insight to the center’s video observation: The shrewd cameras presently go about as IoT sensors that can distinguish products put away in the warehouse management framework software, which right now inventories 13,497 section numbers. The framework additionally consequently cross-checks security occurrences with planned undertakings in the warehouse framework. On account of this ‘brilliant’ robotization, administrators possibly get alerts when a specialist enters a passageway without an undertaking – and no caution is activated if the laborer goes through ceaselessly. As an immediate outcome, the number of security occasions dropped from a few thousand to around 100 every day, and frequencies of burglary subsided too.

This is a real Industry 4.0 success story. The solution is technically complex and involves a high level of customization. But it’s a nice showcase for what is possible to achieve within these systems when the right resources and creative people get involved.

Keeping track of shipments in real-time

From a task’s point of view, the Industry 4.0 arrangement helps security as well as answers the centers have to supplant the tedious manual following procedure for lost things and shipments. Though the coordination group recently required a few hours to physically find a lost thing, each thing presently gets the following number associated with video accounts recording its developments. This dimension of straightforwardness permits the coordination group to tackle stock issues within minutes rather than hours.


As far back as the framework has been effectively revealed, the group in Itupeva has utilized the new dimension of oversight to open extra advantages: Four strong wall guarding touchy zones in the warehouse could be supplanted by ‘virtual wall’, which means security zones characterized in the video management framework. This opens another dimension of adaptability for changing the plan of walkways and retires in the warehouse – as is much of the time required – altogether without trade-offs on security. In addition, the customized Business 4.0 arrangement definitely diminishes stock expenses by performing ‘virtual stock’ continuously and is required to amortize itself in under a year.

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