Mitel: Questions To Ask Your Vendor About Secured Communications

5 Questions Ask To Your Vendor About Secure Communications

5 Questions Ask To Your Vendor About Secure Communications

Are your communications secure?

Secure communications can defend your business from the harm and destruction of a data breach. And it’s not only for healthcare providers – even daily workplace emails and phone calls can contain information that matters to your customers.

A business that fails to secure its communications is in peril of losing client confidence, that means customers, and future customers, won’t be likely to trust that business.

To ensure secure communications, search for a communications system that can defend the data shared inside your business and beyond. Here are a couple of questions you can raise your vendor to make sure you’re getting the most effective security:

1. What Infrastructure Is Your System Hosted On?

A strong cloud communications provider will be leveraging a best-in-class infrastructure to make sure the very best level of security. This saves you time and resources that can be focused on performance and innovation instead of management and maintenance. Search for a secure communications software system, such as MiCloud Connect, built on Google Cloud, to integrate with the programs you already use.

2. Can Your Communications Software Handle Mobile Securely?


Working on the go is a growing norm, which means mobility is even more vital for a communications system. However, a mobile system doesn’t always mean it’s secure. Make sure you can take your system on the go to keep working while away from the workplace, without sacrificing your in-office functionality and security.

3. Is Your Communications Software Certified HIPAA-Compliant?


Certified HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant software guarantees that your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, with anti-virus protection and security protocols that adhere to the most rigorous data compliance standards. In creating MiCloud Connect, we worked with third-party auditors to meet restrictive compliance needs and passed strict safeguards and confidentiality tests to make sure the privacy and safety of your data.

4. How Do You Monitor Your System?


Your cloud communications provider ought to have a Network Operations Center, a location that regularly monitors a telecommunications network, all day, every day. Do they support it in-house or out-source? What tools and analytics are they leveraging to stay ahead? Top providers are predictive and proactive, not reactive.

5. How Do I get Informed Of Any Issues?


No system is perfect, problems will appear, but if they do occur with your communications system, you need to know about it quickly. Transparency is everything. Is your provider proactive in their communications? how do they alert you once issues arise? Is there a public site where you can stay up to date regarding any problems and their solutions?


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