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Commscope: The Building Blocks Of A Smart And Connected Campus

Smart Campuses and Connected Communities

ICT on the Backbone Pathway

At CommScope, we work with campuses of every kind and size: schools and universities, medical and business parks, retail centers and airports, and sprawling enterprise campuses. A common thing among several campuses these days is the hybrid IT infrastructure connecting individuals, resources and ideas over distance.

These smart campuses depend on a variety of sub-systems. To keep everything operational swimmingly, some of the most intensive fiber and copper structured cabling are deployed within the buildings for automated intelligence:

  • Fiber-based outside plant solutions and connectivity
  • Short-hop Power over LAN and long-span powered fiber
  • A mix of cellular and Wi-Fi mobility

Other campus networks could also be less diverse, but no less intelligent. The design of the infrastructure is set by the kind of campus and also the level of organization and communication required.

Form follows function

Think about massive residential area town centers with a mixture of retail outlets, restaurants, offices and residential spaces. Apart from proximity, those that work and live there have very little in common. The center exists to benefit individual tenants and residents, so the IT infrastructure can mirror that. It should embody a fiber-based outside plant network to deliver broadband services and powered fiber to feed remote lighting and security systems.

In different environments, the campus network is multifaceted and intensive. Think university campuses, medical parks and company headquarters for large companies. Such environments are driven by things like communication, information sharing, and collaboration. More than connecting the assorted areas of the campus to the data center or central network, the infrastructure should enable any-to-any communication among all facilities and users. So, having the ability to handle ultra-high fiber densities and automatically monitor all physical layer connections becomes extremely necessary. Once done properly, the field network may be a crucial tool to attain the general mission of the organizations.

Stay tuned. At CommScope, it’s our job to understand what’s next.

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