Comway C10S Fiber Endface Melter and High-end Splicer


Core-To-Core Alignment System Fiber Identification, Auto Splicing Mode Super Heater

Comway C10S is a powerful tool for splicing any fiber optic cable. Comway C10S can be used in various working conditions for field fiber splicing. Due to the long battery life, the Comway C10S fusion splicer keeps operating even in the toughest environments.



 2-in-1 Fiber Splicer and Fiber Endface-melter


 Real fiber core visualization technology


 Core to Core Alignment system


 Ultra-low splicing loss


 Fiber Identification


 Auto Splicing Mode


 6 seconds splicing time


 Anti-theft password

 High-performance heater (12s heat time, power-saving design)


 Ceramic Fiber presser


 Simple Light Source (no mirrors, easy to maintain)


 Smart ARC control technology (automatic calibration ARC discharge, different environment with the same stable loss)


 Large capacity battery (over 300x heating and splicing)

Operation Condition

Comway c10s splicer temperature
Comway c10s splicer humidity
Comway c10s splicer altitude
Comway c10s splicer velocity

Product Parameter

Comway c10s splicer features


Comway c10s splicer package

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