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Secure WLAN Access Points for protecting valuable assets and data

Fortinet Wireless Access Points (FortiAP) are part of Fortinet’s Wireless LAN equipment that provides secure wireless access for the entire enterprise LAN edge. Since network IT also demands more capability and reliable security from fewer components, this portfolio can help save on costs and simplify the environment.


FortiAPs are available in a variety of models, from 2×2 to 4×4, internal or external antenna, to address specific use cases. Configuration and control of these solutions can be done with Fortinet’s FortiGate Network Security Platform or the FortiLAN Cloud.


FortiAPs are Fortinet Security Fabric enabled, providing broad visibility, automated protection, and integrated threat intelligence required to protect the valuable assets and data of organizations worldwide.

Features and Benefits

Security fabric Fortinet FortiAP™
Security Fabric Integration
Automated Response Fortinet FortiAP™
Automated Response to
Compromised Devices
Zero Touch Deployment Fortinet FortiAP™
Zero-touch Deployment
Simplified Deployment Fortinet FortiAP™
Simplified Deployment
and Capacity Expansion
Scalability Fortinet FortiAP™
Scalability from 1 to 10,000 APs
Wireless Presence Fortinet FortiAP™
Wireless Presence Analytics

Why Choose Fortinet FortiAP

Large campuses, distributed enterprises, and small businesses all have diverse WLAN architecture needs. That is why Fortinet provides a full suite of WLAN Access Points as part of their Wireless Infrastructure solution to address the unique requirements of every organization.

Featured Products

Standard FortiAPs
Standard FortiAPs
FortiAp UTP Fortinet FortiAP™
FortiAP Unified Threat Protection (UTP) Access Points

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