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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks remain a top threat to IT security and have evolved in almost every way to do what they do best: shut down access to your vital online services. Sophisticated multi-vector and multi-layer DDoS attacks use direct and reflected packets where the spoofed, randomized source IP addresses are impossible to ACL. These attacks are increasingly common as Mirai-style code has morphed into many variants and has been commercialized by providers of “stresser” sites. To combat these attacks, you need a solution that dynamically protects a large attack surface.


FortiDDoS Protection Solution defends enterprise data centers against DDoS attacks by leveraging an extensive collection of known DDoS methodologies, creating a multi-layered approach to mitigate attacks. It also analyzes the behavior of data to detect new attacks, allowing it to stop zero-day threats.

Key Features


Machine Learning Detection

Fortinet's DDoS protection uses machine learning architecture to study the behavior of data packets. FortiDDoS blocks anomalous activities, protecting your site or application


Powerful Parallel Inspection Architecture

FortiDDoS performs 100% packet inspection, simultaneously at three layers: 3, 4, and 7, regardless of size, providing your organization with a comprehensive threat mitigation system.


Continuous Learning

FortiDDoS learns traffic patterns to differentiate between legitimate traffic volume and attacks. Over time, FortiDDoS can build profiles automatically, saving you time.


Continuous Attack Evaluation

Continuous evaluation of the attack surface allows FortiDDoS to detect threat changes to network traffic to mitigate threats, protecting your site or application.


Advanced DNS Protection

FortiDDoS performs a full inspection of your DNS traffic at a rate as high as 12 million queries per second (QPS), protecting you from a wide range of DNS-based applications, volumetric, and anomaly attacks.


Advanced NTP Protection

FortiDDoS performs 100% inspection of every Network Time Protocol (NTP) query and response at a rate as high as 6 million QPS.


Autonomous Mitigation

FortiDDoS provides you with autonomous mitigation, which means there is no need for a member of your IT team to intervene during an attack. All necessary mitigation happens automatically, regardless of the nature or size of the attack.


Hybrid On-premises / Cloud Support

FortiDDoS integrates with third-party DDoS mitigation services to protect your organization from large-scale DDoS attacks without limiting your deployment options.


Central Manager (CM)

Organizations with multiple FortiDDoS devices deployed in distributed environments can take advantage of FortiDDoS-CM on selected models, enabling Administrators to gain visibility for all their devices in a single management screen.


Fortinet Security Fabric Integration

Integration with Fortinet’s Security Fabric enables Administrators with a consolidated view into DDoS threats and mitigation activities, as well as network performance data on selected models.

Featured Product

FortiDDoS 1500E / 1500E-DC
FortiDDoS 2000E / 2000E-DC
FortiDDoS 1500F
FortiDDoS 200F

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