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Securing converged OT-IT networks with a security fabric

What is IT-OT Convergence?

Digital innovation requires operational technology systems to interact with information technology systems. OT network components like control systems, SCADA, and industrial networks are being connected to IT network components such as processors, storage, and systems management. Through this, the data collected by physical equipment and IIOT devices can be used to identify problems or increase efficiency.


OT is generally not secure, since it was originally designed with the assumption it would not be exposed to threats. The rise of remote access to OT networks by third-party vendors further expands the attack surface and creates new vulnerabilities.

Why OT Security is Critical:
3 Benefits of a Security Fabric

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Discover any device attached anywhere on the IT-OT network, determine the degree of trust, and continuously monitor behavior to maintain a level of trust.

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Depend on each OT system and subsystem to do its job—and only its job.

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Continuous Monitoring

Continuous analysis of behaviors in OT networks helps teams learn what, where, when, who, and how by gathering intelligence about known and unknown threats.

How Fortinet OT Security Works

The Fortinet Security Fabric covers the entire converged IT-OT network to close OT security gaps, deliver full visibility, and provide simplified management.

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