HID iCLASS SE® Processor

Featured HID iCLASS SE® Processor

Cryptographic module for Secure Identity Object™ (SIO) enablement

The iCLASS SE® Processor is part of HID Global’s open iCLASS SE platform that enables customers to future-proof their Secure identity infrastructures while simplifying how identities are created, used, and managed across a range of applications using smart cards and microprocessor cards as well as NFC-enabled smartphones (utilizing iCLASS® Seos™).


The platform offers a secure, standards-based technology-independent and flexible solution based on Secure Identity Object (SIO), a new portable and open credential methodology, and the Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP™).

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secure-identity-object HID iCLASS SE® Processor

Secure Identity
Object (SIO)

HID Global’s next-generation platform provides a secure, standards-based, technology-independent, and flexible identity data structure based on a new open credential standard.

support-iclass-se HID iCLASS SE® Processor

Supports iCLASS
SE Platform

Provides multi-layer security that extends beyond the card technology for additional protection to identity data. Enables the use of NFC smartphones and other devices for mobile access utilizing iCLASS Seos™.

fast-to-integrate HID iCLASS SE® Processor

Fast to

The Developers Tool Kit (DTK) provides resources that facilitate fast and easy integration and extends access to HID’s broad developers’ community.

field-updateable-firmware HID iCLASS SE® Processor


Includes support for existing card technologies such as standard iCLASS® and iCLASS Seos. Firmware is field upgradeable to address evolving market requirements.

flexible-design HID iCLASS SE® Processor


Choice of form factors provides the ability to fully embed the iCLASS SE Processor into virtually any new design or add to an existing reader.


Chip Independence

SIOs can reside on any card technology, microprocessor-based cards, NFC smartphones, USB tokens, computer drives, and other formats.

Device Independence

Providing an additional layer of security with additional key diversification, authentication, and encryption.


SIOs are defined using open standards that can support any piece of data, including data for access control, biometrics, vending, time and attendance, and many other applications.

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