HID Omnikey 5025 CL Reader

OMNIKEY-5025-CL min

125 kHz HID Prox Contactless USB Smart Card Reader

The OMNIKEY 5025 reader is based on the proven driver and hardware technology to ensure greater stability, durability, and compliance. It provides full CCID support and can be used without the installation of a driver supporting WINDOWS®, LINUX®, and MAC® operating systems.

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OMNIKEY 5025 CL Reader Highlights

➤ Converged Access – Allows users to use their HID Prox building access credentials for logical access applications.

➤ Plug and Play Solution – full support of native CCID driver for traditional clients as well as thin- and zero-client.

➤ Multiple Design Choices – Different color options and small form factor for contemporary space-restricted work environments.

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OMNIKEY-5025-CL-v2 min

Product Features

  • 125 kHz proximity technology
  • Small form factor design
  • Native CCID implementation supporting WINDOWS®, LINUX®, and MAC® operating systems
  • 5325 CL backward compatibility
  • Reads a unique numbers from HID Prox cards.
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