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Solution for even smarter educational environments

Hikvision’s Education Flat Panel is a new kind of intelligent teaching assistant. It integrates the latest technologies of touch controls, HD displays, video processing, network communication, interactivity, and audio, with abundant third-party teaching resources. You’ll find a wide range of uses for it in the classroom, online teaching, remote learning, training events, and much more.

Key Features


4K display


Eye protection


Wireless projection


Built-in whiteboard

Key Benefits


Integrating the latest technology

Just as with our Conference products, the Education Flat Panel also features a great user experience with a UHD 4K display, quick response, up to 20-point touch controls, and a smooth writing experience. Users will love the wireless projection and reverse control from a mobile phone or tablet to create remote and flexible teaching opportunities. With built-in whiteboard software, graphic recognition, and QR sharing and saving teaching notes, along with many other powerful functions, these interactive panels provide students and teachers with solutions that have never been available before now.


Ensuring safety for educational environment

Hikvision’s Education Flat Panel features a powerful all-in-one design with tempered glass and intelligent temperature control, making it environmental-friendly and safe to use virtually anywhere. All panels can be equipped with anti-glare technology and can filter over 90% blue light to protect human eyes. What’s more, these panels are energy-efficient, too.


Contributing to enriched education resources

With OPS, all kinds of third-party teaching applications can be downloaded on the panel, helping educators integrate various tools and materials. Teachers and students alike will appreciate convenient writing, erasing, recording, preparing, and instruction. Local and USB files can be auto-classified for easy management, and users will like the quick search to find audio, video, or image files.

Hikvision Educational
Flat Panel

Available in 65, 75, and 86 inches display

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