Hikvision HikCentral Professional Temperature Screening

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The One-Stop Solution for All Your Security Needs

Integrating Hikvision products and systems like its video surveillance management system and access control, HikCentral Professional offers a one-stop security solution for all sizes of businesses and a wealth of application scenarios. At the same time, we create simple and easy-to-use designs to meet complex scenarios, paying special attention to user privacy and network security.

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Just One Laptop

Lightweight deployment, use an existing computer: Fast installation; low configuration 8G

One-stop Solution

Support all Hikvision temperature screening solutions: Mask detection, social distancing, temperature measurement

Easy to Use Management

Cross-site central management: Evidence management, time and attendance management

Function Highlights

Density Control

Avoiding the high density of people flow in a certain area

Social Distancing

Reducing close contact in indoor public places

View Statistics & Records

Temperature and mask statistics for all or staff-only with a report

Access & time attendance management

Employee attendance associated with temperature and mask status

Temperature screening/ mask detection with multiple sites

Interactive display with all information displayed in one monitor

Temperature screening/ mask detection for fast deployment

One-stop temperature measurement and efficient evidence management

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