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See the Big Picture and the Details in One View

Hikvision TandemVu PTZ Cameras feature next-generation camera designs. Each one integrates multiple lenses in one security camera to provide the big picture and small details in tandem.


Hikvision TandemVu PTZ Cameras can monitor large areas and zoom in on specific security incidents while maintaining focus on both ‘viewpoints’ simultaneously. These eliminate the need to deploy separate PTZ and bullet cameras in pairs.

Key Features and Benefits of Hikvision
TandemVu PTZ Cameras:

  • 100% security coverage with no blind spots: never experience blind spots related to PTZ zooming, tilting, or panning
  • Extraordinary high-definition imaging: 2 x 4MP lenses and a super-wide view of 180° with no image distortion
  • Optimized security based on smart automation: engineered with intelligent AI for complex scenarios
  • Highly effective sound and light alarms: Live-Guard solution for warning trespassers and preventing incidents
  • PTZ and bullet capabilities in one unit for more efficiency and cost savings: reduce installation, configuration, and maintenance costs

Featured Products

Hikvision TandemVu - SF8C series

SF8C series

Hikvision TandemVu - SE7C series

SE7C series

Application Scenarios:

Hikvision TandemVu - Perimeter


Hikvision TandemVu - City Intersections

City Intersections

Hikvision TandemVu - Public Squares

Public Squares

Hikvision TandemVu - Highways


Hikvision TandemVu - Outdoor parking

Outdoor Parking Lots

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