Hikvision X-Ray Security Inspection System

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Advanced, ideal, and economical security inspection solution

The Hikvision X-Ray Security Inspection System is an advanced security detection system designed for checking briefcases, postal bags, express mail, handheld parcels, and small packages with its world-leading x-ray screening and single-energy image processing technology.


With the popular tunnel size of 500mm (W) x 305mm (H) and a compact and portable design, this Hikvision X-Ray Security Inspection System is an ideal and economical solution for hotels, government agencies, transportation hubs, logistics industries, courts, prosecutors, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, stadiums, exhibition halls, entertainment venues, etc.

Hikvision X-Ray Security Inspection System x-ray-machine

Key Benefits

Clear Image

High-resolution scanner provides clear images

Good Vision Performance

Strong penetrating ability

Items Recognition

Multi-color imaging for different objects

Environmental Protection

Less radiation than the standard X-ray

Key Features

  • High performance with HD image
  • Maximum penetration is up to a 43mm steel plate
  • Adopts embedded windows operating system with multi-core RAM
  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly with low power consumption
  • Supports real-time monitoring
  • Supports multiple image processing mode
  • Supports POST (power on self-test)
  • 64X zoom in
  • One-touch power off
  • Energy-saving working mode for conveyor
  • Shock-proof design
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