Netscout Omnis Cyber Investigator


Cybersecurity Investigation and Protection

Omnis™ Cyber Investigator (OCI) is an enterprise-wide network threat and risk investigation solution that helps reduce the impact of cyber threats on your business. With its comprehensive security visibility and NETSCOUT’s global threat intelligence feed, it provides the ability to promptly and efficiently detect, validate, investigate, and respond to cyber threats, whether on-prem or in the cloud.


Organizations will benefit from having this cost-effective and highly scalable cyber threat analytics system at their fingertips which can also easily integrate with popular SIEM platforms used by many corporations.


Key Benefits

Comprehensive Network Visibility

Meet the foundational requirement for cyber threat security with visibility across the physical and hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

Efficient Threat

Improve the productivity of our cybersecurity team with guided contextual or ad hoc unguided investigations.

NetOps and SecOPs Collaboration

Turn massive amounts of packet data into actionable insights for efficient detection and investigation.

Key Features

Smart Instrumentation

Leverage scalable, multi-form-factor ISNG instrumentation for comprehensive visibility network, including hybrid-cloud environments.

Smart Data

Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology and ATLAS Threat Intelligence add context and analytics to turn packet data into actionable insights.

Smart Investigation

An intelligent metadata and packet retrieval system enable guided contextual or ad hoc unguided investigations to determine the extent of a breach and necessary remediation.


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