Panduit FiberRunner Cable Routing System

Featured Panduit FiberRunner Cable Routing System

Versatile, Scalable Cable Protection in Data Centers and Central Offices

The Panduit FiberRunner® Cable Routing System is a collection of channels, fittings, and mounting brackets that can be assembled to create a structure that routes and protects fiber optic and high-performance copper data cabling.


The Panduit FiberRunner® Cable Routing System is an integral component of the overall cable management strategy to prevent physical damage that can result in a disruption of critical network connections.

Ensures network reliability

A complete solution that protects cables from physical damage while maintaining signal integrity and delivering reliable network performance

Reduces installation costs

Innovative snap-together couplers, mounting brackets, and accessories that require minimum use of tools and small fasteners to assemble

Enables future growth

A complete offering of sizes, fittings, and mounting options makes this system one of the most versatile cable routing solutions available

Lowers cost of ownership

A combination of unique features and compliance standards

Why Choose Panduit® FiberRunner®

1.) The Panduit® FiberRunner® Cable Routing System ensures maximum network reliability and reduced cost of ownership.

2.) Robust, highly engineered components with integral bend radius control surfaces can be configured to meet virtually any network application to provide optimum cable protection and assure network performance.

3.) Fast and easy to deploy, this scalable cable routing solution reduces installation costs and speeds up the implementation of new services.

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Featured Products Panduit FiberRunner Cable Routing System
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