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Cloud service for network intelligence and service assurance

Robust reporting, informative dashboard and machine-learning-powered analytics for your RUCKUS enterprise networks

RUCKUS Analytics is a cloud service for network intelligence and service assurance. Powered by machine learning and AI, it gives IT comprehensive visibility into network operations. The service accelerates troubleshooting and helps IT teams meet their network SLAs.

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Gain at-a-Glance Insight into Network Health

The service lets you easily monitor network health, with an overview tab that provides a high-level summary view. Network health monitoring gives you instant visibility into metrics like AP service uptime, time to connect, connection success rate, client throughput, and more.

Leverage Incident Analytics Powered by Machine Learning

It automatically establishes a normal range of behavior for each network element, without requiring any input from IT. Then it uses machine learning to automatically identify service incidents related to connectivity, performance, and infrastructure that affect user experience.

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Accelerate Troubleshooting for Network Service Assurance

With simple and flexible search and a holistic client troubleshooting page, RUCKUS Analytics gives you a complete picture of client experience for easy connectivity and user experience diagnostics.

Increase Visibility with Detailed Reports & Summary Dashboards

A wide variety of standardized reports provides visibility into network performance, traffic patterns, application usage, and more. Summary views provide high-level information, and you can drill down to the level of individual network components and devices.

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