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Smart Wi-Fi Unleashed

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Ruckus Zoneflex R320

The Ruckus R320 delivers consistent, reliable 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless networking. It features the patented Ruckus performance optimization and interference mitigation technologies found in our premier access points to deliver superior user experiences at extended ranges. But it provides them in an ultra-compact form factor built for small and midsize businesses and low-density hotspot environments.

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Ruckus Zoneflex H510

The Ruckus H510 wall-mounted access point and switch makes it easy to support the foremost demanding in-room connectivity requirements. It starts with Ruckus’ patented Wi-Fi optimization intelligence to deliver the industry’s highest-performing wireless connectivity. Combine that with four-ports of Gigabit Ethernet to attach multiple in-room wired devices, without extra cabling.

✔  Wide Range coverage: fewer access points needed.


✔  Wireless scheduling and content filtering for parental control.


✔  Easy to setup solutions for up to 100 connected devices.


✔  Rate limiting and application filtering for bandwidth maximization.


✔  Mesh capable.


✔  No more interference from other wireless APs and devices.


✔  Guess access for visitors.

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