Sonicwall Capture Advanced Threat Protection


The Advanced Protection You Need, Where You Need It

For effective zero-day threat protection, organizations need solutions that include malware-analysis technologies and can detect evasive advanced threats and malware — today and tomorrow. Capture Advanced Threat Prevention (Capture ATP), was the industry’s first multi-engine sandbox that could block until verdict. This technology quickly returns an accurate verdict on suspicious files and can be used across the ecosystem of SonicWall products.

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Key Benefits:

• High-security effectiveness against unknown threats

• Near real-time signature deployment protects from follow on attacks

• Reduced total cost of ownership

• Block files at the gateway until verdict

• Multiple engines process files in parallel for rapid verdicts

• SonicWall’s RTDMI engine blocks unknown mass-market malware utilizing real-time memory-based inspection techniques

Key Features:

1-Stop-Malware-Sonicwall ATP
Stop Unknown Malware and Zero-Day Threats

Blocks malware, even if it’s hiding in encryption or not behaving maliciously.

2-Inspect-Files-Sonicwall ATP
Inspect More File Types

Supports analysis for PE, DLL, PDF, MS Office docs, archives, JAR, and APK — plus multiple OSs.

3-Block-Until-Verdict-Sonicwall ATP
Block Until Verdict

Potentially malicious files can be held at the gateway until an admin takes action.

4-Rapid-Remediation-Sonicwall ATP
Rapid Remediation

Files go from inspection to verdict within milliseconds, stopping follow-on attacks and ensuring a better user experience.


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