Sonicwall Capture Client

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Manage and Safeguard Endpoint Devices

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SonicWall Capture Client is a unified client platform that delivers multiple endpoint protection capabilities, including next-generation malware protection and application vulnerability intelligence.


It leverages cloud sandbox file testing, comprehensive reporting, and enforcement for endpoint protection. Additionally, provide consistent assurance of client security, with easy-to-use and actionable intelligence and reporting.

How it Works

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1. Pre-execution

Dynamic whitelisting/blacklisting and static protection

2. On Execution

Dynamic whitelisting/blacklisting and static protection

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3. Post-execution

Rollback, quarantine, and auto immunize

The Solution

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Endpoint Visibility

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Endpoint Management

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Advanced Threat Protection

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Vulnerable Applications Security

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Malicious Web Act. Terminate

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Encrypted Traffic Inspection


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