SonicWall Cloud App Security

SonicWall Cloud App Security

Comprehensive Security for Office 365, G Suite, and SaaS apps

SonicWall Cloud App Security offers high-performance security for your users and data within cloud applications. For companies that are utilizing SaaS applications, this solution can provide world-leading security and a seamless user experience.


As email has become the most popular SaaS app used, SonicWall Cloud App Security can deliver virtual in-line protection to stop malicious emails missed by the default security from reaching your inbox.


SonicWall Cloud App Security also delivers zero-day malware scanning and enforces data loss prevention (DLP) and compliance policies for data stored in SaaS apps.

Key Benefits

Embrace cloud apps without fear
Comprehensive protection for Office 365 and G Suite
Secure your sanctioned SaaS apps
Discover Shadow IT
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Why Choose SonicWall Cloud App Security?

This system extends the most complete defense-in-depth security stack for Office 365 users. It can stop targeted phishing and zero-day attacks that bypass Microsoft, Google, and Secure Email Gateway security filters.

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Key Features


Next-Gen Email Security

Threat Protection

Data Security



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