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Fortinet Named As A Leader In The 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Network Firewalls

Fortinet Named a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls

Fortinet Improving Cloud Security Again with New Updates

Fortinet has been recognized as one of the Leaders among the 18 vendors included within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls report for 2019. We believe this recognition showcases our clear understanding of market needs, both as an innovator and thought leader. We feel, it conjointly highlights our current commitment to providing the IT community, and our over 415,000 customers around the world, with the best possible protection for today’s refined and highly distributed networks.

A Commitment to Innovation and Thought Leadership

With nearly 630 patents—more than any other vendor— we feel/we are confident/we believe, Fortinet is number one in proven cybersecurity innovation. And as networks continue to undergo a fast and ongoing transformation, the underlying security design must be able to position to adapt and scale in an approach that enables organizations to understand their business objectives. This clear vision of the needs of each today’s and tomorrow’s networks has enabled us to continually be at the forefront of thought leadership and product development.

A Powerful Security-Driven Networking Approach

A crucial component of our current success is our distinctive security-driven networking approach, that integrates security into each component of the network to assist customers to increase efficiencies across their infrastructure, correlates threat intelligence, and respond to detected threats in an exceedingly unified fashion. It conjointly prevents the types of security gaps in policy, functionality, and enforcement that are typically the results of a more traditional, ad hoc approach to security.

With a security-driven networking strategy in place, FortiGate Network Firewalls guarantee consistent, end-to-end protection across all crucial network edges—from campuses and data centers to branch offices and multi-cloud deployments.

Securing the Extended Network

Secure SD-WAN: Fortinet is one of the primary vendors to deliver an enterprise-class SD-WAN solution using custom-built ASIC technology combined with totally integrated advanced security to support and protect distributed WAN locations. As a part of a security-driven networking strategy, Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution allows organizations to increase crucial business applications to remote locations, improve user experience, and lower WAN costs while not compromising their security posture.

Cloud security: FortiGate network firewalls offer advanced security for even the most complicated multi-cloud environments with broad support for all of the highest IaaS providers, as well as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, and Alibaba. This enables customers to leverage consistent multi-layer security protection, automation, and deep integrations no matter how many clouds they adopt using cloud-native solutions within every cloud, and seamless policy and enforcement translations between totally different cloud environments.

Accelerate On-Ramp to the Cloud: Fortinet’s high-performance data center and SD-WAN solutions accelerate cloud on-ramp by providing high-speed connectivity and deep SSL inspection to the multi-cloud. With FortiGate network firewalls, organizations can deliver an excellent user experience while achieving clear visibility and inspection of all SSL and TLS traffic, whether or not on-premises or within the cloud.

High-speed inspection of SSL and TLS encrypted traffic: With encrypted traffic currently comprising over 70th of total network traffic and 60 minutes of attacks using SSL or TLS to infiltrate networks and exfiltration data, organizations place themselves at serious risk once SSL/TLS inspection isn’t turned on. For many network firewalls, however, inspecting encrypted traffic results in huge performance hits, leading to the type of performance bottlenecks that today’s digital businesses cannot afford. Using advanced physical and virtual security processors (SPUs), FortiGate solutions offer the very best price/performance rates within the industry. And Fortinet is that the sole vendor to currently support TLS v1.3.

Single pane of glass management: Fortinet is additionally the only vendor to supply comprehensive management of a full suite of advanced security solutions, regardless of where they’re deployed through a single pane of glass management system. FortiManager simplifies management with a single console, or it can be extended across a tiered management strategy or integrated into a strong NOC/SOC solution for consistent configuration, orchestration, and compliance across even the foremost broadly distributed network

More Gartner Peer Insights Reviews Than any other vendor for Enterprise Network Firewall

Of course, we believe leadership is about much more than industry accolades, that is why we are therefore happy with the fact that a majority of the Fortune 500 corporations trust Fortinet to secure their most important assets. However each business, large or small, deserves a similar level of protection, that is why our solutions are universally adopted by such a big amount of organizations both large and small – more than 415,000 and growing! Gartner Peer Insights portal for the Enterprise Network Firewalls market lists Fortinet’s FortiGate Enterprise Firewall with the highest overall customer reviews than all other solutions (based on 1,438 reviews as of 13 Sept 2019).

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