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Fortinet Received Awards for Reshaping the SD-WAN Market

Traditional SD-WAN Still Leaves Organizations Vulnerable

While SD-WAN solutions address this challenge with a more flexible and dynamic connectivity strategy, early-to-market solutions did not consider the security needs of those connections. The one thing that the standard model had going for it was that all traffic was at least inspected and secured using the total stack of enterprise-grade security solutions deployed at the core. Direct access to cloud and internet services from the branch means protection is no longer available. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of SD-WAN solutions on the market provide little more than a VPN and a stripped-down firewall to safeguard this critical link in today’s distributed networks, which leaves organizations poorly protected and highly vulnerable.

Secure SD-WAN Recognized with Top Industry Awards

The marketplace is taking notice. for instance, Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN just received CRN’s 2019 Tech Innovator award within the “Networking – SD-WAN” category, as well as to CRN’s 2019 Product of the Year within the Security-Network – Technology subcategory. These awards are just a little reflection of the impact that Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution is having on transforming the market.

    We have also been recognized for our work with MEF, the group accountable for defining SD-WAN certifications and standards. in addition to winning two MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept awards – one for developing security standards for secure connections between separate SD-WAN devices, and the other for ensuring application security for SD-WAN services – we also lead a key Initiative within the MEF Applications Committee on Application Security for SD-WAN Services (MEF88).

      Additionally, Fortinet’s secure SD-WAN solution has received two consecutive NSS Labs “Recommended” ratings and showcased rock bottom total cost of ownership (TCO), resilient high availability for better user experience, and high WAN performance for cloud applications.

        Secure SD-WAN Protects Innovation Through Security-Driven Networking

        With over 21,000 Fortinet Secure SD-WAN customers and counting, organizations are quickly learning that digital transformation without security could be a dead end. Instead, manufacturers and businesses alike ought to take an aggressive security-first approach that ensures that all innovation includes security-driven networking to make sure that flexibility and adaptability don’t leave organizations exposed to today’s increasingly aggressive – and successful – cybercriminals.

        Take a security-driven approach to networking to enhance user experience and simplify operations at the WAN edge with Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution.

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