3 -Steps To Achieve Great Wi-Fi Everyday


Step 1: A Great Network Starts with Great Design

Input: Get your requirements in order


Output: Wi-Fi perfectly designed for your business needs

The RIGHT Number of APs

Get awesome Wi-Fi performance and reliability without overspending on unnecessary infrastructure.


In the RIGHT locations

Using thousands of iterations, Ekahau Pro helps you identify the exact right location to mount your wireless access points.


With the RIGHT configurations

Skip the guesswork with automatic channel plans and AP settings perfectly tuned to your requirements and layout

Step 2: Validate Your Design with
Super Accurate Sidekick Measurements

Accuracy matters.

Your design relies on the accuracy of your floor plan, your inputs and your measurements to perform like you intended.


Dongle warning! USB Wi-Fi dongles and internal adapters have huge measurement variances and are not purpose-built for site surveys. Don’t put your Wi-Fi network at risk!


The Sidekick Accuracy Defined

Fastest, most accurate, all-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device.

– Validates if your design will work in the real world.

– Identifies invisible interferers you might not know about.

– Saves you money by getting it right the first time, before you run cables or commit to a costly deployment.

Step 3: Maintain great Wi-Fi with Easy Performance Health Checks

Your wireless network needs monthly or quarterly health checks
to account for changes over time.

• Troubleshoot proactively and spot interference issues before they become major outages


• Identify and address network-impacting changes, like adding new bandwidth-hungry employees, devices, or applications, or making any changes to the physical environment


• Ekahau tools are so powerful and sophisticated that anyone can use them to collect data


Get world class Wi-Fi for your business!
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