What is secure print and why is it important for your organization?

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As the printing technology and software drastically evolve, the risk percentage of being targeted by cybercriminals changes as well.

Organizations of all sizes today use networked printers, scanners and devices that makes sharing sensitive data as easy as pressing a button. This presents a whole new vulnerable entry point for hackers to exploit.


Recently, NCC group researches reported that networked printers are one of the easiest entry points for hackers into small businesses and enterprises.


In this infographic, we’ll discuss secure printing solutions and how it can benefit your organization, and how to effectively deploy one.

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What is Secure Print?

Secure print is a term for printing tasks that adhere to a standard of privacy and security measures to prevent unauthorized use of printed information. This term can be applied either to a network or to a hardware setup.

Benefits of Having a Secure Print Access

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Improved Data Security

Once a sensitive document is printed, it can very easily fall into the wrong hands, posing a huge—and often overlooked—security risk. With the right printing solutions, only authorized users can access and print sensitive documents, avoiding data security leaks.

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Cost and Waste Reduction

Print waste can add up quickly before you know it, often inflating departmental cost allocations. How often do you find yourself or an employee printing multiple pages by accident? Secure printing solutions can ensure documents will not print without the proper authorization and protocol.

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Increased Convenience and Productivity

Controlled document printing can eliminate the need to press multiple cumbersome buttons. With the right solution, printing can be as easy as a tap of a card or even a phone without the risk of being susceptible to breaches.

Deploying a Secure Print Access System

An effective way to implement secure print is to deploy an identification credential system.


With the right solution, you can add secure printing to existing trusted identity credentials like badges, mobile devices, and biometrics. Not only does it improve security, but it also offers a more user-friendly experience.

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The right secure print solution combines security and convenience, taking you one step closer to a truly Connected Workplace. Organizations achieve substantial savings by eliminating personal printers and unnecessarily printed documents, reducing waste and better allocating costs.

We, at MEC, can help you achieve that with the help of HID’s Extended Access Technology products.

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