Internet of Things

Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of Internet-enabled devices that are capable of interacting with internally and externally of their environment through embedded technology.

According to Business Insider, the following are the main characteristics that define an IoT:



Energy Efficiency




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Driving Force of Tomorrow

IoT is expected to transform the way we live in the next couple of years. The almost perfect seamlessness of the things we will be using in the future imposes even greater opportunities and at the same time, greater hurdles to organizations, requiring them to face systems of problems, assimilate systems of trends, and thereby, create systems of solutions that can cater to diverse organizational challenges.

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An IoT-ready Infrastructure

MEC’s core competencies enable a flexible ICT infrastructure that is needed to support the Internet of Things – the trend that largely determines the future of our societies.

ICT for your IoT

ICT for
your IoT

From connectivity, wired and wireless networks, and unified communications to servers, storage, physical and network security, and network performance, MEC can tailor fit ICT solutions for different industries in helping them develop an IoT-ready infrastructure.