Aruba: 5 Benefits of Cloud Networking for Hybrid Work

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Over the last several years, cloud networking has increased in relevance and popularity. As companies change their operations due to the pandemic, such solutions will become more prevalent.

Let’s explore five of Aruba Central’s latest cloud developments that can help organizations enable the hybrid office, simplify IoT projects, and enable better user experiences.

1. Cloud networking gives enhanced AIOps to avert network problems

In our currently dispersed setups, it’s frequently not a question of if but of when problems may develop. Customers are looking to AIOps capabilities to quickly uncover network issues, establish the exact root cause, and expedite the mean time to resolution (MTTR) to be more proactive in fixing issues.

2. Cloud networking offers streamlined management of remote work projects

Work-from-home or remote work efforts will persist even after pandemic-related worries have declined. Aruba Central and AOS 10.3 allow the microbranch, which extends WAN capability to home offices in a single Aruba access point – no gateways or additional hardware required – to help IT better manage this unique employee experience.

3. Cloud networking enables seamless connectivity for end-users

As workers, customers, and visitors return to the conventional, physical workplaces, IT must guarantee that users have easy access to business networks without jeopardizing security. Furthermore, to make more educated judgments about policy enforcement and capacity planning, IT will require better insights into the new types of endpoints connecting to the network, as well as the use and behavior those endpoints display.

Aruba Central fulfills these demands by combining a new Cloud Authentication and Policy service with AI-powered insights on all customers connecting to the network.

4. Cloud networking minimizes complexity with IoT projects

Fixing the visibility gap in IoT devices on the network is a good start, but Aruba Central streamlines IoT projects even further with an integrated IoT Operations solution.

Available for Aruba APs running AOS 10 within Central, IoT Operations supplies three critical ingredients that help IT deploy, monitor, and handle new IoT services with ease:

  • The IoT Dashboard gives detailed insight into IoT apps as well as the network’s BLE and Zigbee devices. To get better monitoring and security postures, determine which Aruba AP is sensing the devices and where the telemetry is traveling.
  • The IoT App Store makes it easier for users to activate new Aruba IoT partner apps. They may easily navigate the integrated app store and install the necessary partner plugins with a single mouse click.
  • IoT Connectors fuel newly deployed IoT partner apps by gathering device data and applying business logic to the information before delivering it to Central for monitoring and analysis.

5. Cloud networking provides usability enhancements for handling wired networks

In this day and age of mobility, cloud, and IoT, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the wired network in enabling digital transformation. Thousands of businesses across the world rely on the Aruba CX Switching Portfolio to get the wired performance, power, and analytics required for current and forthcoming digital initiatives.

Switch to Cloud Networking

Organizations are continuing to adopt the latest IoT and cloud services in order to increase company resilience and be ready for the new realities brought about by COVID-19. Corporate networks demand equal parts adaptability and agility, and Aruba Central is ready to provide. With the novel Aruba Central innovations, IT administrators can accomplish more than ever from a single cloud-native management dashboard. This solution permits easier and more efficient operations and better network experiences for workers, clients, and visitors.

Are you ready to enjoy all these benefits of having uncomplicated network operations? Then kickstart your cloud networking journey with us at MEC Networks and Aruba today!

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