MEC Gives Back: Donation Drive for Typhoon Victims in Marikina

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To say that this year has been tough for everyone is an understatement. While the world continues to battle with the coronavirus pandemic, Super Typhoon Rolly (Goni) hit some parts of the country on the 1st  day of November, leaving them with nothing but destroyed houses and claimed lives. 


Still recovering from that, Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco), made its way last November 12 and manifested its wrath over Calabarzon, Central Luzon, and Metro Manila with strong winds, torrential rain, and devastating floods. Several communities were flooded, leaving families in dire need of immediate help.  

True to the Bayanihan spirit, many local businesses and individuals offered a helping hand to the victims of Typhoon Ulysses. And one with the community in empowering our affected countrymen to get back on their feet, MEC Networks Corporation donated essential goods last November 13 to the people of Marikina City, one of the most affected areas by the typhoonThese goods were distributed to Marikeños not only to assist on their urgent needs but to remind them that they should never lose hope. 

MEC Networks Corporation firmly believes that it is when we become a vessel of help, we also empower them to find hope and move forward. Wenjoin the call to continue to reach out to our fellow Filipinos during their most vulnerable time and empower them in any way we can. With our collective efforts and generosity, together, we will rise again. 

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