Expert Tech Support Now Made More Budget-friendly


MEC Networks has always dedicated itself to leading the charge in the arena of value-added distribution. We are committed to delivering not only solutions but quality services too. This purpose is the driving force behind one of our services, RunTime. 

What is Runtime?

RunTime is MEC’s professional ICT Engineering Services. It is a consultancy program designed to empower people of any industry to make the most out of their tech assets. Our end goal is to help you keep your business going and prevent downtime from happening. With RunTime at your side, you can avoid a world of trouble and diminish the possibility of experiencing the same problems all over again. Your business can gain the freedom to keep reaching new heights with this sustainable solution, and you also get to save more time and resources in the long run. 

Runtime Service Coverage

RunTime’s range of services covers all the bases of ICT, and this program is available nationwide. When you encounter a problem in your system and come to us, we can confidently look at the situation from a more specialized standpoint. Then we proceed to handle it with a more in-depth approach. Our experts are ready to pour their efforts into engaging in these fields, namely, implementation, technical support, managed services, network health assessment, and premium trainings. To get a more detailed look into everything we have in store for you and your business, you may access the entire portfolio below. 

Why Drop the Price?

We have decided to seize the opportunity to empower a broader quantity of people with our premium quality services. This aids our goal of further advancing ICT in the country. When emergencies arise, we know that these will cause worries, but beyond that, business downtime too. We desire to lend a hand by providing support for businesses at cost-effective rates.


For more than 25 years, we have been committed to innovating our services. You can rest assured that we will not compromise our standards and the level of excellence we bring to the table. Our professionally trained experts are eager to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise by offering you the best solutions to enhance your system, make it more efficient, and equip your business for the future. 


Everyone deserves expert tech support. And so, we hope that with our new, more budget-friendly rates, we can improve the overall quality of ICT experiences for every Filipino. 

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to
Get Started?

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