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Fortinet Cloud Security Q3 Workshop

Defining security in today’s cloud environments.

A global leader and innovator in network security, Fortinet conducted its Q3 workshop last September 19, 2017, at the Discovery Suites Manila in Ortigas, Philippines. Participants were from existing and active partners of MEC-Fortinet. While the workshop discussion revolved around the Fortinet Cloud Security solutions.

⬤ Opening the workshop with her remarks, Ms. Jenny Carreon, MEC Product Manager for Fortinet.

⬤ Mr. Brian Perry Ortanez, Systems Engineer, discussing the overview of Fortinet Cloud Security solutions.

⬤ Workshop participants enjoying their mid-session meal break.

⬤ Ms. Rachelle Alcantara, Channels Account Manager, talking about the activities conducted by Fortinet Philippines.

⬤ Discussing the FortiMail Cloud, Office365 Mail, and On-Premise FortiSandBox is Systems Engineer Mr. Eunice Quilantang.

⬤ Giving his short talk, Fortinet Senior Presales Consultant, Mr. Nap Castillo.

⬤ Ms. MJ Laquihon, Channels Account Manager, ending the workshop with her remarks.

⬤ Sales and Technical team of MEC Networks Corporation and Fortinet Philippines.

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