A Series of ICTips for ICT Month 2017

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ICTips Series for ICT Month 2017

ICT over the years has reshaped how we do business, how we transact, how we communicate, and many more. It is a necessity to progress together with the growth in ICT in order to stay relevant in today’s world.
ICT Month 2017 ICTips

ICT Month 2017 ICTips

Experts ICTips for Anything and Everything ICT

With this, our ICT experts from MEC will be sharing some helpful ICTips daily for the month of June. That’s 30 days of valuable tips from our very own pre-sales engineers. Be informed and updated with the latest trends and unique innovations. Stay ahead of the game with our ICTips!

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[intense_panel title=”ICT Month in the Philippines” title_color=”#777777″ color=”#fafafa”]The ICT Month is celebrated every month of June, a celebration commenced since 2008. This is in accordance to Proclamation No. 1521 (series of 2008), which declares that “THE MONTH OF JUNE 2008 AND EVERY YEAR THEREAFTER AS “NATIONAL INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT)” MONTH”. The conduct of this event is to recognize the contributions of the ICT as one of the major sectors for economic growth and, as such, has resolved to fully implement a national ICT program that shall optimize the utilization of ICT. [source] [/intense_panel]


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