MEC Networks Corporation is now a Huawei Authorized Learning Partner

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We are thrilled to announce that MEC Networks Corporation is now officially a Huawei Learning Partner (HALP), further enhancing MEC’s premium service offering to enable customers through knowledge transfer.

About HALP:

Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP) is a professional training organization accredited by Huawei to implement its training programs under Huawei’s supervision and management. To become a HALP, the organization must first undergo a rigid assessment process. The Huawei Authorized Learning Partner, together with Huawei, is committed to the professional development of ICT professionals in various technology.

Benefits of being HALP:

1.) Exclusive Technology Updates

HALPs can obtain the latest exclusive technology information about Huawei products. They can also be invited to participate in various technological training activities.


2.) Premium Training Courses

Experts from Huawei jointly develop systematic, comprehensive, and practical Huawei certification training courses.  HALPs are the main resources for the delivery of Huawei certification training.


3.) Access to Comprehensive Resources

Through HALPs, training participants can obtain Huawei’s real-time information, related policies, and the latest technical materials from Huawei.


Since 2007, MEC Networks has conducted numerous certification programs and training for ICT professionals. HALPs addition to MEC Network’s service portfolio proves to a greater extent that MEC is a trusted partner in innovation and an established training center that builds a professional learning community.


For training schedules and other relevant information, get in touch with us.

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