MEC-BriefCam: A Partnership for Better Security Systems in the Philippines

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Empowering the Country’s Security Industry with MEC-BriefCam

MEC now distributes BriefCam solutions! The MEC team flew to Thailand to officially launch the partnership on August 24, 2022.  

Present in the photos above:

BriefCam Team: Justin Thing – Regional Sales Director, SEA; Liam Galin – CEO; Ryan Fairclough – Managing Director, APAC

MEC Team: Cora Guevarra-Que – Sr. Business Unit Manager; Micaella San Jose – Product Specialist

MEC is always on a mission to provide the most comprehensive range of security solutions offline and online. To help address the country’s physical security and surveillance problems, we have selected trusted brands that can give companies just what fits their needs. 

Our partners and clients can rely on experiencing the best with our basic perimeter security systems as well as our end-to-end systems. With this new brand, we can strengthen our portfolio and contribute more to protecting people, facilities, and valuable assets.

Ms. Cora Guevarra-Que, MEC’s Sr. Business Unit Manager, represented MEC and expressed the company’s gratitude for this significant partnership.  

“MEC is very grateful for the partnership we are doing with BriefCam! MEC and BriefCam aim to empower the Philippines' security and surveillance market by bringing in next-generation video analytics that focus on bringing in operational efficiency.”

The innovative and extensible video analytics platform also integrates Digifort’s VMS technology, which heightens its capacity to accelerate investigations and provide the highest security available. 

BriefCam also stated that they are equally optimistic about the partnership. They look forward to building a stronger relationship with the Philippine market with the help of MEC’s experience and expertise in the field..

"We are very excited that MEC is being appointed as BriefCam's distributor in Philippines. I'm very much impressed by MEC's professionalism. They are a well-established company with extensive coverage in the region and carry a portfolio that pretty much aligns with our regional strategy.

Next-generation Video Analytics

This innovative company boasts of having a complete platform that consists of: 

  • Review – enables the review of hours of video in minutes, dramatically increasing investigation productivity.
  • Respond – enables organizations to proactively respond to situational changes in their environment, while effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency through real-time alerting capabilities.
  • Research – derives actionable insights for data-driven safety, security, and operational decision-making. 

Designed to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow, BriefCam can deliver accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions that will enhance the security industry of the Philippines.  

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