MEC Gives Back: Supporting the Emergency Quarantine Facilities of Cardinal Santos Medical Center

MEC Gives Back

The rapid and dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihood, communities, and businesses worldwide. Within a span of days, the number of confirmed cases and deaths has increased radically. The exponentially destructive nature of this pandemic has made it vital for people to make adjustments in their home life as well as at work, with the suspension of public transportation and non-essential services and commercial establishments, the strict implementation of curfew, shortage of food and basic necessities, to name a few.


The Philippine government has implemented strong measures in response to the widening coronavirus pandemic, imposing an “Enhanced Community Quarantine” to halt the spread of the outbreak. With this, a new norm emerged.

Local companies have begun adjusting to these dramatic changes by re-evaluating their priorities, putting their workers first, and making the necessary policies for the good of the community. The private sector stepped up, and many local businesses help their fellow Filipinos in their own way, evoking the spirit of Bayanihan at its core.


As one of the local companies who responded to the call, MEC Networks Corporation aims to make a positive impact by doing our share to help the community. In collaboration with some of our partners, we helped in building a Temporary Quarantine Facility in Cardinal Santos Medical Center, composed of comfortable rooms furnished with a complete set of necessities, which will be ready for use on the 18th day of April (Saturday).

With these facilities, MEC aims to address the shortage of rooms, thus enabling more hospitals to accommodate COVID-19 patients as well as persons under investigation (PUIs) instead of sending them home due to the lack of rooms. Our health-care system is already running at full capacity. We have seen our brave front liners face this medical crisis head on, even without the full protective gears to shield them from the virus. Even more alarming indeed when probable COVID patients are sent home because hospitals could no longer accommodate them, thereby possibly infecting more people. This is, therefore, the reason MEC chose to support this project: to curb the spread of the virus and help save more lives.


As widespread as this pandemic is, and physical distancing between people is greatly encouraged, it has also brought us all together with one unified goal. We at MEC Networks Corporation firmly believe that it is when communities and businesses work together that we will overcome this global pandemic, and in its aftermath, rebuild a profoundly changed new world.

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