MEC and Panduit Journey Through Asia for Partners Sales Kick Off

Last March 19-24, MEC Networks Corporation in partnership with Panduit Philippines held this year’s Partners Sales Kick Off aboard the SuperStar Virgo. Being its inaugural cruise, partner delegates became a part of history on March 19 as they all set sail across Asia on board the first cruise ship to have a homeport in Manila.


The week long voyage started with a welcome dinner for everyone on board. While feeling the fresh sea breeze, listening to the enticing music of the band blending with the sound of the water as the ship traverses through it, and enjoying the company of each one, the delegates from MEC, Panduit, and Partner companies ended their day with a welcome party of their own.

Our culturally rich heritage

Everyone was taken to a walk down memory lane as the cruise docked at its first stop in Laoag, Philippines the following day. With a short boat trip from the cruise ship to the town’s port, participants were greeted with a necklace made out of banig, a local product. Despite the summer heat, everyone was still in awe as they were refreshed of the country’s history and culture through museums and century old structures.

Beautiful natural and urban landscapes

The following day, everyone woke up to the sight of nearby islands as the ship was about to dock on its second stop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Upon embarkation, everyone was immediately introduced to Taiwan’s famous delicacy, the Pineapple pie. The stunning views, both cityscapes and natural landscapes, enthralled everyone. Their food curiosity was also satisfied as they were treated to a sumptuous local meal for lunch.

The happiest place on earth

Almost after 18 hours at sea, the ship finally docked in its third stop—Hong Kong. The group spent their afternoon in the happiest place on earth. Everyone’s inner child was awakened upon entering the glorious Disneyland arch that day. The rides and the magical parade was more than enough to tickle everyone’s fancy. And as the day came to a close, the group decided to walk down the busy streets of Nathan Road en route to the cruise ship.


The following day started like all mornings aboard the ship— by having a hearty breakfast with a premier seat in front of the beautiful view of the sea. This day, however, was spent in the cruise—in the sea, surrounded by several shades of blue. It gave everyone the chance to explore every corner of the ship on their own. But as soon as the clock struck 4 in the afternoon, everyone gathered and bonded over food, drinks, laughter, and tons of singing.


As the night dawned, everybody was all dressed up as they joined the ship’s gala dinner at 8 in the evening. This was followed by the ship’s send-off party which made everyone sing and groove with the performers. As the night came to a close, everyone was all huddled listening to the live band while having their last feel of the evening sea breeze, savoring every exchange made among the group.


Almost every night ended like that— with dinner, late night snacks, drinks, laughter, new memories to treasure, and a bond that becomes stronger as another day pass. As the ship docked in Manila, Philippines that Friday, everybody bid goodbye with smiles on their faces and an experience etched in their memories for a lifetime.

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