Shifting Gears in Addressing COVID-19

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The world is not prepared for a global pandemic that is COVID-19. Ever since the virus start spreading globally, so did the precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone. From simple social distancing measures and frequent handwashing to more serious ones like community quarantines and lockdowns. With all of these in effect, companies need to alter their existing business models to keep up with these unforeseen changes.


MEC Networks Corporation puts the well-being of our employees and our partners at the top of our list. We are in constant monitoring of the latest developments of this situation which will serve as our main driver to help us navigate thru the next steps to get thru this fiasco.


As we are dealing with these trying times, MEC has instituted preliminary steps to protect our partners, suppliers, and most importantly our people.

Taking Care of our Employees’ Health

On the onset of the virus’ outbreak, the company started giving out free masks to its employees, followed by setting multiple alcohol stations starting from the main entrance and across all floors. As the situation worsened, thermal scanning has been made mandatory.

Extending Precautionary Measures to our Partners

While MEC desires to answer all of our customers’ needs, we are fully committed in making sure their safety is not compromised. We instructed to limit all face-to-face interactions attending only to those with topmost importance and urgency.

Adopting Remote Work Arrangement

Taking our preemptive steps a notch, MEC Networks implemented skeletal shifts to groups essential to daily business operations which were then turned to work-from-home arrangements across all departments.

Learning Never Stops

We strive to deliver uninterrupted, although limited, services to our partners. As all of the usual training, seminars, and launches have been canceled for the meantime, MEC has set up webinars and online training which our customers may join to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest updates and product launches in the market, not to mention, online fun and games, making them feel like attending an actual training in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Paying It Forward

MEC aims to make a positive impact on the community especially at this time of a pandemic outbreak. As of this writing, we are designing programs where we can give back as we continue doing webinars in partnership with different business units that MEC works with.


To all our valiant front liners, from the doctors, nurses, to the retail and maintenance personnel, the world will forever be grateful for all the selfless acts you demonstrated during this time. Thank you.


As we traverse to this path of uncertainty, we, as a company, believe that we would all rise from this braver and stronger.

Continuous Efforts to #HealAsOne

Share your valuable insights about our current state and help us help you, our partners in innovation, to build and heal. 

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