Bosch: The Value of Fire Alarm Systems for Sustainability

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Can fire alarm systems foster sustainability? Yes. This can be accomplished by stopping emissions, conserving resources, and saving energy. 

Every time fire occurs in buildings or industrial establishments, it leads to economic damage. Aside from this, fire also brings harm to the environment and thus endanger life and health. For this particular reason, it is evident that fire alarm systems make a valuable contribution to the pursuit of sustainability. Other aspects such as durability, flexibility, and remote monitoring also help ensure that Bosch systems protect the climate and resources.

Fire Alarm Systems Prevent Emissions

Fires always contribute to air pollution. Emissions are comprised of particulate matter, smoke, and soot particles. It becomes even more dangerous when materials burn and release emissions that are extremely harmful to our environment and our health. Bosch fire alarm systems have a critical role to play in preventing the spread of fires in buildings and facilities all over the world because of the high reliability and speed they possess.

In tough environments such as industrial locations or the waste and recycling industry, a video-based fire detection solution brings further advantages. The unpredictable assortment of materials and substances in these areas and the conditions and operational activities turn them into hazardous environments with constantly high fire risks. Small button batteries, aerosol cans, remains of cosmetic or cleaning products, cigarette lighters, or defective gadgets form an unsafe mixture. The flames are likely to be fed nonstop by the waste itself and dry, dusty conditions on ignition. This permits fires to scatter over a broad area within minutes, posing a danger to life and the environment with the flames toxic billowing smoke from burning chemicals or materials.

Solutions from Bosch such as the AVIOTEC fire and smoke detection cameras are aptly designed to cater to the conditions at production facilities with extensive storage locations. They keep constant watch for the first signs of flames or smoke, whether day or night, outdoors or indoors. This allows swift fire and smoke detection and thus also prevents harmful emissions.

Fire Alarm Systems Conserve Resources

Whether recycling materials, goods, technical equipment or whole buildings, fire alarm systems help to conserve invaluable assets. In the case of Bosch solutions, however, the prudent use of resources is also apparent throughout the entire life cycle of these systems. They are designed to be backwards compatible. This means that if your current infrastructure is still functioning well, Bosch solutions can still be integrated into your old one. 

The long-lasting design of all components produces the basis for a very lengthy service life even under harsh operating situations. This is ensured by Bosch’s decades of R&D experience and extensive testing in their own labs beyond normative requirements. As your needs evolve, you may add new technologies, extensions, and replacements to current installations thanks to the systems’ progressive compatibility and openness. This protects the installation of these fire alarm systems and ensures their longevity.

Fire Alarm Systems Save Energy and CO2

Until now, all fire panels and peripherals had to be installed, maintained, and updated on-site. Integrators of fire protection systems routinely traveled as part of their normal workdays, producing CO2 year after year. Much time, energy, and pollutants may be saved with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). System integrators can undertake many of their normal fire safety services for every client, across multiple sites, from afar, thanks to secure cloud-based data storage with continuous access.

The example of a chemical facility in Londrina, in southern Brazil, demonstrates the enormity of this effect. Fertilizers, for example, are very flammable and combustible in this hazardous atmosphere. Their fire safety system integrator’s office is 520 kilometers distant. Through Bosch Remote Services, the organization can deliver 100 percent uptime, full-time event monitoring, and quick responses to any faults from afar.

Working Together for Sustainability

Bosch Security and Safety Systems strive to make a positive impact – on the users of their building solutions and the world we all live in. In doing so, they start with their processes and building cooperation with their suppliers and customers. They believe that we can conserve valuable resources, increase long-term energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprints and promote the well-being and satisfaction of people. 

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