Upgrading a University’s Wireless Bandwidth with Panduit’s Cabling

Panduit Upgrading Purdue University

Upgrading a University’s Wireless Bandwidth to Keep Up with Student Expectations

See how Panduit did it with some engineering ingenuity

More bandwidth with less overall width. That’s what Panduit’s 28-gauge cable meant to Purdue.

Purdue University is a land-concede university in West Lafayette, Indiana, established in 1869. Today, the university brags an enlistment of 40,451 understudies and 16,466 staff. The innovation needs of the understudies and staff are served from two server farms and two information cases that house supercomputers, in addition to 700 media transmission rooms. In excess of 500 miles of copper cabling and right around 600 miles of fiber-optic cabling convey IP-based administrations, with the help of the university’s main goal of educating, learning, research, and effort.


Reviews have demonstrated that understudies are content with 100% inclusion, and ITaP has discovered the update has diminished the number of rebel passages that understudies had been utilizing in the habitation lobbies. This ensures the uprightness and execution of the system. ITaP is satisfied with the living arrangement lobby arrangement, as it met their targets of 100% inclusion, while the 28 AWG arrangement gave the space reserve funds and execution that enabled them to reuse the existing framework. “We’ve been truly satisfied,” Daniel Pierce said. “We know precisely what we’re getting when we use Panduit and it as often as possible beats what it was intended to do.” The remote development in scholarly structures is additionally meeting desires and will keep on being checked, refined, and extended, as a major aspect of the progressing exertion. ITaP sees the remote arrangement as a work in advancement, constantly being checked and changed to give the remote experience that measures up with understudies and staff.

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